Massage Therapy Sessions

Luxurious Massage Therapy At Your Disposal

Red Hots Sun Lounge & Spa provides clients with massage therapy that is sure to relax. Our services are available to clients across Nassau County and Long Island. If you are in need of a nice, relaxing massage, then you have come to the right place. Choose from one of our packages and see what real relaxing is all about! For any of our packages, you can buy a series of 6 and save a total of 15% off the final purchase!

Massage Packages

A Variety Of Massage Options To Choose From!

You can come on down and experience our Red Hots Signature Massage, which is our most popular massage. This is a combination of a few different massages, making sure you get the full relaxation experience. Why choose one massage when you can have it all with our signature massage! Other types of massages we have available are:

  • Swedish Massage: 50 minutes / $95, 80 minutes / $140, 100 minutes / $160
  • Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage: 50 minutes / $110, 80 minutes / $155, 100 minutes / $180
  • Pre-Natal & Post Partum Massage: 80 minutes / $150, 100 minutes / $175
  • Reflexology or Neck and Back:
  • Hot Stone Massage: 50 minutes / $110, 80 minutes/ $155, 100 minutes / $180

By providing you with these options, we hope you discover a relaxing massage that works for you! And if you buy a series of 6 massages, you will save 15% on your overall purchase.

Another popular massage therapy treatment is scrubbage. This includes two of our most popular treatments in one package. First, we start with a 25 minute warm soufflé full body scrub. Then you will take a hot shower to wash away all signs of dry skin. Then, you will be immersed into a 55 minute warm body butter massage that will make sure you are baby soft. All in all, you are looking at 90 minutes for this massage with the cost being $140.

Massage Upgrades

Affordable Options For Our Massage Therapy

When we say you get the best massage on Long Island, we mean it. We offer some great massage upgrades to make your experiences with us even better. These upgrades are:

  • Aromatherapy ($15)
  • M’LIS Sore Muscle Soother ($15)
  • Scalp Massage ($30)
  • Reflexology ($50)

You can choose any one of these options and add it to your massage appointment. Get a fuller massage treatment with one of our upgrades!

Massage Booking

Get A Relaxing Massage Today!

Red Hots Spa has 18 years of experience providing clients across Long Island and Nassau County with massage therapy sessions. These sessions can change the way you feel and improve your lifestyle. To help you find peak relaxation, we provide you with a variety of massage options to choose from. For more information about our massages or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. The number to call is: 516-484-8267. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our range of services and hope to see you here soon!